Aluminium Partitioning

Aluminium Partitioning Solutions in Sri Lanka

Aluminium partitioning solutions are one of the most versatile partitioning options available in the market, while also allowing for easy installation, demounting, and repositioning when necessary. They come in solid units, with part or complete glazing, and are simple to install with minimal disruption.


Dutch Interior’s Aluminium framed partitioning wall solutions are an excellent choice for creating spaces and dividing work areas. It doesn’t matter if it is your home, factory, storage, hotel or office, when it comes to separation of space, Aluminium partitioning is the way to go. Aluminium partitioning also creates a contemporary and stylish look that will present a professional appearance to your business.

This Aluminium frames can be powder coated to your specifications, and joints can be covered with Aluminium cover trims or taped and filled for a flush wall finish. The beauty of our Aluminium partitions is the wide range of finishes and styles available to match your corporate colors. They’re especially common when combined with integral blinds in the cavity, which provide a sleek and stylish alternative to standard window blinds while also increasing privacy.

Dutch Interior provides a full range of high quality Aluminium partitioning solutions in Sri Lanka along with board partitioning, glass partitioning, wooden partitioning, Aluminium cladding and composite cladding systems. We use only the best raw materials and accessories for our Aluminium partitioning solutions in Sri Lanka.

Our Aluminium Partitioning is not just a construction. It’s a much delicate art and a well architectural decoration. We are much experienced in aluminum, glass and manufactured boarded partitioning of all your requirements. We use normal and powder coated high quality aluminum frames and fittings for all our partitioning. Tempered or common glasses are used with beading and silicon for glass partitions. Our Glass partitioning solutions are made of glasses that are laminated or toughened glasses that do not break on impact.

Why Dutch Interior Aluminium Partitioning Solutions?

Dutch Interior’s solid Aluminium partitioning solutions can reduce sound by up to 52 decibels (Rw). Also our Aluminium partitions with solid panels and those with glazing have a maximum fire rating of 60 minutes. Further sliding doors with a bottom guide track, suspended doors with an upper guide track (leaving the floor surface free), and aluminum framed hinged doors are all part of our Aluminium partitioning solutions.

Dutch Interior take pride in being one of the Sri Lanka’s leading suppliers of customizable, long-lasting, and flexible Aluminium partitioning solutions for any form of internal project fit-out. 

Aluminium Partitioning solutions are very light in weight and can be dismantled easily, when not required. Glass partitions will give a new & fresh look to your office and residential space. For any interior design, Aluminium partitioning with Glass will add an element of beauty to the property in general. They allow maximum natural light inside the cabins. We assure the best-in-class Aluminium partitioning solutions to your office and home needs. Over 20 years of experience and our expertise in handling high-value Aluminium partitioning projects for many corporate offices in Sri Lanka make us the preferred choice for Aluminium partitioning works in Sri Lanka. Whether it’s part of a complete office refurbishment or just a one-off job, Dutch Interior is the first-choice office partition contractors in Sri Lanka for revamping your office or commercial space with Aluminium partitioning.

Dutch Interior’s success is based on our efficient personalized service, innovative design, and excellent craftsmanship that ensure a great job every time.

In addition to providing your workplace with a facelift, Dutch Interior’s Aluminium Partitioning Solutions offer a variety of other benefits:

  • Dutch Interior’s glazed Aluminium partitions give employees a degree of privacy without completely shutting them off from their colleagues. Your employees also get to enjoy the comfort and security of having their own workstations, yet still remain aware of what’s going around them. This is thanks to the structured visibility that their glass surroundings provide.
  • Our Aluminium partition solutions offer an impressive level of noise control. They can be used to block out noise from certain areas of the office. This is handy if you’re looking to conduct a small meeting in an otherwise open-plan environment. Or if you just want to get some work done in relative peace and quiet.
  • Glass and Aluminium office partitions offer a sleek, modern look. Giving your office space an instant update in both style and structure.