Titanium Flooring

Titanium Flooring Solutions in Sri Lanka

Titanium flooring solutions are one of the revolutionary products for flooring requirements in Sri Lanka. This product is made of a special type of cement that does not scratch surfaces. This unique product can be laid on walls or floors, giving you a long-lasting and unique semi-gloss finish.


Titanium flooring solution is a flooring design which can be obtained in many colors you like. This flooring material includes mixing of titanium dioxide with cement. Titanium Flooring is a perfect solution for commercial buildings as the durability of titanium is very high along with its' surface strength.

Titanium flooring finishes are transparent and don't hide the grain of hardwood flooring. In fact, the titanium oxide enhances the grain of the wood. Another great advantage of titanium flooring solutions finishes is that they protect floors from ultra-violet light damage.

The other main benefit of titanium flooring solutions is that there are no cracks & there are many color options available with titanium flooring. If you want special effects, that also can be arranged with Dutch Interior titanium flooring solutions in Sri Lanka.

Why Dutch Interior Titanium Flooring Solutions?

Dutch Interior brings over 20 years of experience in the titanium flooring solutions industry in Sri Lanka to create unique flooring solutions for your flooring needs. Our flooring engineers work with you to provide a turn-key process that takes you from project survey to post-project floor care.

Being one of the most experienced Titanium Flooring / Cut & Polished Cement Flooring Contractors in Sri Lanka, Dutch Interior offers a variety of Titanium flooring solutions which are of contemporary designs and provides a state of the art look hence enriching the living experience. Our flooring engineers work with our customers to help them in their selection of a flooring to meet their design, price and schedule needs.

Dutch Interior maintains a high level of service quality standard with

  • Clear communication throughout the project
  • Accurate budgeting & timeline projections for floor completion
  • The highest code of conduct by Dutch Interior staff
  • The highest quality standards on your floor
  • On Time and on Budget
  • True focus on Customer Satisfaction
  • Handover of a beautifully clean home / office