Wooden Skirting

Wooden Skirting Solutions in Sri Lanka

Dutch Interior offers the best wooden skirting solutions in Sri Lanka, We have an array of skirting collection to match your interior. At Dutch Interior, you will be able to find different types of wooden skirting solutions and wooden skirting accessories to customize or even colour-matched to the flooring decors.


Wooden floor skirting plays a functional role, covering the gap between the finished floor and the wall. Our wooden skirting solutions will not only look good but also add oodles of style and character to the overall decor of the home.

Why Dutch Interior Wooden Skirting Solutions?

A wooden skirting imparts an element of warmth, richness and sophistication when it runs along marble or tiled floors. It works best with light coloured floors, walls and ceilings.

Dutch Interior offers you different types of decorative wooden moldings as the skirting to add a detailed look to the home. This type of skirting works best with an ornamental or traditional looking decor. Further we have the best contrasting colour wooden skirting solutions in Sri Lanka. A contrasting-colour wooden skirting helps to visually differentiate between the floor and the wall.