Solid Wood Decking

Solid Wood Decking Solutions in Sri Lanka

When it comes to solid wood decking solutions in Sri Lanka, Dutch Interior offers both seasoned and unseasoned wood decking solutions, in a wide range of species, sizes and grades. The natural appeal and strength of timber makes it a practical choice for outdoor decking. Our decking installation experts follow the best practice methods for specifying, installing and finishing your timber deck requirement.


Dutch Interior’s timber decking solutions create spaces that are functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing. With the right design and care, our solid wood decking solutions will make a valuable addition to your home or business, creating an outdoor living space that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Why Dutch Interior Solid Wood Decking Solutions?

Dutch Interior’s natural timber decks blend seamlessly with their surrounding environment and will serve as popular entertaining areas all year long. As an external structure, carrying large loads of traffic, when designing decking solutions we put extra focus on high structural performance requirements. After thorough research into the global practices in wooden deck construction industry, we have adopted the most suitable standards for all our Wooden Deck solutions in Sri Lanka.

Our natural wood grain solid wood outdoor decking solutions are barefoot friendly, anti-slip, no cracking, water resistant & termites, insects and moldy proof.

In addition decks are usually raised clear off the ground and fully exposed to the weather meaning an effective deck must be able to cope with wear and tear from repeated use and in addition discharge rainwater efficiently. With the clear understanding of above factors & detailed knowledge and craftsmanship of Dutch Interior’s Decking Engineers will ensure an accident- free top class solid wood decking solution for any kind of decking requirements in Sri Lanka.