Wooden Hand Railing

Wooden Hand Railing Solutions in Sri Lanka

We offer the best wooden hand railing solutions in Sri Lanka. Wooden Handrails are an integral part of any interior staircase, providing both décor and safety. Dutch Interior’s wooden hand railing solutions are a classic design and can complement just about any home style. Paired with the right balusters, wooden handrails can be the perfect option for an entryway staircase. At Dutch Interior, matching fittings are also available to start, end and curve the wooden railing to match the stair path.


Every aspect of every wooden hand rail solution we build is given thoughtful consideration during the design process. The wooden handrail has an enormous impact on the overall stair design. In addition to being visually important, the wooden handrail offers a safety element that goes well beyond the code. We build our wooden hand rail solutions to be beautiful, durable, and safe.

Why Dutch Interior Wooden Hand Railing Solutions?

Dutch interior offers an incredible range of wooden handrail options. We build our wooden hand rail solutions using only the finest hardwoods in Sri Lanka. Our custom handrails are available in a variety of warm, textural wood species. We recommend using a contrasting wood for your handrail to allow the beauty of your stairway to speak for itself. When handrails and fittings are merged, Dutch Interior guarantees they will meet or exceed industry tolerances to minimize jobsite fitting time.

Whether you’re renovating a staircase in a traditional home or commercial space, upgrade its appeal and safety with a new wooden handrail by Dutch Interior.