Wooden Staircase

Wooden Staircase Solutions in Sri Lanka

Dutch Interior is uniquely expertise in designing & installing a range of wooden staircase solutions in Sri Lanka for all kinds of customer needs. Our services mainly extend to Homes and Living Spaces, Office, Businesses and Sports Premises, Outdoors, Gardening and any of your custom wooden staircase needs. We are dedicated to provide the best wooden staircase solutions in Sri Lanka with the highest quality products for the best price with an environmental friendly approach.


Dutch Interior’s wooden staircase solutions have a unique timeless appeal that makes them rank above a host of other alternatives. Our wooden staircase solutions represent a fine combination between art and technology. Our Wooden Staircase solutions are available in a variety of inspiring designs to transform your living and work spaces to the next level.

Why Dutch Interior Wooden Staircase Solutions?

As Sri Lanka is a tropical country, Dutch Interior cares much about the weather, climatic conditions, health, durability and the physical comfort of the final product by providing the most suitable and the best quality local and imported flooring materials to your wooden staircase solution.

Just like any other part of residential and commercial spaces, the stairs style and material play a major role in the overall aesthetics of the decor. If you choose to go with an engineered wood staircase, Dutch Interior offers a number of popular designs to consider. Straight wooden stairs, L Shaped wooden stairs, U Shaped wooden stairs, Winder Wooden stairs & Spiral Wooden stairs are few options that we offer.