Timber Pool Deck

Timber Pool Deck Solutions in Sri Lanka

Dutch Interior offers the best timber pool deck solutions in Sri Lanka. Timber decking is one of the most popular choices for pool surrounds in Sri Lanka. It gives a resort style feel to your backyard. When it comes to maintenance, timber pool deck solutions can also be a low cost and easy option. Plus, if the landscaping around your swimming pool has extra room for entertaining or dining, then timber decking is a comfortable option to increase your property value.


To take your swimming pool to the next level, you have to install a wooden deck around it. This is a simple addition that boosts the look of your pool and makes it safer for your family. Whether you’re looking for round pool decking, or something more straight and structured, Dutch Interior is the best option for Timber Pool Deck Solutions in Sri Lanka.

Why Dutch Interior Timber Pool Deck Solutions?

Dutch Interior’s Timber Pool Deck Solutions allow you to create a designated pool space in your large backyard. This helps everyone in your home to know the pool area where it starts and ends. Beautiful and high quality timber that we use for your wood decking will increase your property value. The chairs and lounges can directly be built in the decking by the best timber pool deck builder in Sri Lanka, Dutch Interior using the same wood purchased for the decking process. This saves you a lot of money you would have spent on buying them separately. A good-looking pool deck supplements the exterior design of your property. The decking wood can be adjusted to create various unique designs and can also be painted in various colors you may need.

As one of the leading timber pool deck installers in Sri Lanka, Dutch Interior ensures proper board spacing, when installing timber boards. Even though some woods are kiln-dried to provide maximum stability, there is still some expanding and contracting as the weather and moisture levels change. When that isn’t taken into account during installation, as boards expand, they can press against each other and overlap. This can cause the deck to become tight and damaged more quickly and require repairs over time. As experts Dutch Interior knows the proper board spacing for different wood types & weather conditions all around Sri Lanka. This will help us to account for the expanding and contracting and ensure boards do not end up overlapping, in our timber pool deck solutions that we offer to our valued customers.