Glass Hand Railing

Glass Hand Railing Solutions in Sri Lanka

We offer the best Glass Hand Railing Solutions in Sri Lanka. You can enjoy more transparency with Dutch Interior’s glass hand railing solutions. At Dutch Interior, cleanly-designed, high-quality glass hand railing solutions with top quality accessories are available for every possible interior or exterior space, from the smallest private residence to the biggest public airports and stadiums. With our Glass Hand railing solutions you can enjoy an uninterrupted view.


We offer frameless glass railing solutions & framed glass railing solutions both for residencies & corporates in Sri Lanka.

Why Dutch Interior Glass Hand Railing Solutions?

Our frameless glass railing solutions are designed to preserve as much of the view as possible. Dutch Interior’s frameless glass railing solutions are highly demanded among hill country hotels due to the fact that it comes with minimal hardware and no posts. Our engineers will make sure that our frameless glass railing solutions offer you the cleanest view imaginable.

But don’t think you are giving up strength for beauty. All our glass railing solutions are engineered to withstand enormous amounts of weight, and have been thoroughly tested.

Our framed glass railing solutions are also constructed with only the highest quality materials, and offer clean lines and minimal disruption. All accessories such as brackets, joints, and mounting materials have been carefully tested & designed to keep the focus on strength and the beauty around you.