Wall Paneling

Wall Paneling Solutions in Sri Lanka

Wall paneling is an architectural element often installed in residential or commercial buildings. Wall paneling is a covering element for walls that we choose for better aesthetics or decoration. Wall paneling can be functional or serving technical services.


Decorative wall paneling is installed over walls to add aesthetic appeal, while other types of paneling may be added for their functional or structural characteristics. Dutch Interior offers an array of Wall Paneling Solutions in Sri Lanka with a verity of options to match your interior. Also we have premium-quality acoustic wall panels that are most effective and best value-for-money retrofit sound-absorption solution currently available in Sri Lanka, for controlling echoes and excessive reverberation in auditoriums, meeting rooms, home cinemas etc.

The richness and warmth of Dutch Interior’s solid wood paneling solutions will add a unique characteristic aspect to any interior set-up.

Why Dutch Interior Wall Paneling Solutions?

Wall paneling for a home is majorly for a better décor. Our Designing experts can create a different ambiance and feel of space by playing with your wall surfaces. They can easily break up the monotonous wall surface to create inspiring feeling in your room.

In case you have a wall in your house that is uneven and bumpy, you must have been thinking of ways to cover it up. Dutch Interior’s decorative wall panels can come to your rescue. Our solid wood wall panels can help you cover up your uneven and bumpy walls beautifully. With our interior wall paneling you can give a new look to your walls. Also in case you are the owner of a studio and want your walls to absorb sounds, you can consider using Dutch Interior’s acoustic wall panels. These kinds of wall panels help to absorb the sounds up and are quite useful for studio settings.

Dutch Interior Wall Paneling solutions are sealed and coated in a special way that resists migration of water and moisture that can form mold. With our wall panels you will not only be able to decorate your house but also will be able to prevent your walls from getting damaged. In our busy lives where we cannot regularly take care of every part of our house, Dutch Interior wall panels come as an easy solution. It is affordable, visually pleasing and reduces the cost of wall maintenance. They also divide up the wall spaces in a fashionable way.

So in case you have been thinking of giving your house a new look with a pocket-friendly budget, you can think of Dutch Interior wall paneling solutions. This will not only make your house look beautiful but also will save you money in the long run.