Iron Structural Staircase

Iron Structural Staircase Solutions in Sri Lanka

Dutch Interior’s iron structural staircase solutions in begin with detailed planning. Our complete solution of iron structural staircase includes the design, manufacture and assembly of steel structures with a long service life and permanent properties. We technically adapt the best industry standards to construction of the iron structural staircase according to the requirements of the designer, architect or the customer himself.


Dutch Interior’s Iron Structural Staircase experts with many years of experience in metalworking and welding work take care of precise work with an emphasis on precision. Skill and professional qualifications of Dutch Interior members are key qualities on which we build in the production of steel structures. Our best practices & appropriate technologies will help us to deliver best-in-class iron structural staircase solutions in Sri Lanka with concealed welds on structures without visible joints,

Why Dutch Interior Iron Structural Staircase Solutions?

Dutch Interior’s iron structural staircase solutions are generally lighter, stronger, and more design flexible. Steel is an alloy made up of iron, carbon and other materials. Steel used in staircases is often galvanized with a long-lasting zinc coating to prevent corrosive substances from reaching the steel below. In other cases, stainless steel, which is naturally resistant to corrosion, is also used for construction of decorative staircase solutions by Dutch Interior..

Our steel staircases are popular in indoor settings of homes & commercial buildings as well as outdoor settings in Sri Lanka. Steel is the sturdiest material that can be used for building staircases. Steel stairs have high tensile strength, meaning they are resistant to
breaking under tension. Galvanizing steel to resist corrosion increases its durability, especially in outdoor environments with extreme weather conditions. Steel is almost five times stronger than concrete and is able to bear excessive weight.

Not only our steel structural staircase solutions are strong and durable, they are also flexible and adaptable, so that can be shaped into a variety of designs including spiral and circular staircases. Today, especially in Sri Lankan homes and offices, steel staircases are
seen to be modern and contemporary. 

Our steel stairs require very little maintenance. Outdoor steel staircases can be galvanized to inhibit rusting and corrosion. They can then be cleaned with a pressure washer. If the steel is powder coated, it might be best to use a mop or sponge to avoid damaging the finish. Indoor steel stairs, like mezzanine stairs, can be cleaned by sweeping or mopping with a mild detergent.

The price of our steel staircases is generally less than that of concrete staircases. First, steel is a very cost-effective material to produce. Second, lower labor costs contribute to a lower steel staircase price.