Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo Flooring Solutions in Sri Lanka

Dutch Interior offers the best Terrazzo flooring solutions in Sri Lanka. Terrazzo flooring is composed of composite material. It contains any variety of mixture of aggregate chips like stone or marble and either epoxy resin or concrete. Terrazzo flooring can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be poured as concrete or laid in tiles. Initially terrazzo flooring used primarily in commercial buildings, but now it has become more popular in homes, not just as flooring, but also as a material for kitchen surfaces like countertops and backsplashes.


With Dutch Interior, the customization option is limitless for your terrazzo floors. At Dutch Interior, colors and flecks of our terrazzo flooring solutions are customizable, allowing for a wide range of design possibilities. Floors done with terrazzo are comparatively light and durable as they come.

Why Dutch Interior Terrazzo Flooring Solutions?

Dutch Interior’s terrazzo flooring solutions are among the easiest to clean. There’s no scouring, polishing or scrubbing. The speckled texture and strong base material make them difficult to stain. Terrazzo is one of those super durable materials that can last up to hundreds of years and still not lose its shine when polished well.

When terrazzo flooring is properly sealed, it is non-porous and resistant to mold. Because it is made up of sturdy materials like cement, terrazzo is highly durable, which is why it is used so often in institutional and commercial buildings. Our terrazzo flooring solutions are elegant and timeless, with endless design possibilities. Terrazzo floors need low maintenance and lifecycle costs. It has an excellent chemical resistance and the lowest maintenance cost of any hard surface flooring. Terrazzo resists against water damage, fire damage, chemical spillage, and other stain risks. Terrazzo floors can virtually last the life of the building and thus contributes to the essence of green building. Terrazzo floors are known to offer better anti-slip characteristics. Terrazzo ranks as one of the most economical and environmentally-friendly flooring types available.

Contact our terrazzo flooring experts today to discuss how a terrazzo flooring solution from Dutch Interior can elevate the style of your home or business!