Sports Flooring

Sports Flooring Solutions in Sri Lanka

Dutch Interior is one of the leaders in sports flooring solutions in Sri Lanka. Our experience is reflected by the wideness and the quality of our jobs done in the sports flooring sector in Sri Lanka. From children to professional players, our leading sports flooring solutions offer the very best sports flooring at highly competitive prices. We offer vinyl sports flooring solutions and hardwood sports flooring solutions in Sri Lanka. In addition, we provide complete floor and wall solutions and finishing accessories for all areas of your sports facility.


Dutch Interior creates, manufactures, and markets innovative, decorative and sustainable sports flooring solutions in Sri Lanka.

Why Dutch Interior Sports Flooring Solutions?

Sports flooring solutions for indoor sports facilities should meet numerous demands of different sports. Above all, a sports surface solution should be safe, i.e. it should not be slippery, but it should also not be too soft or hard, in order to protect the athletes from injuries. In addition, a sports flooring solution should provide a good ball rebound and with it, a high quality of sporting activities. Then, shock absorption, meaning the degree to which your sports flooring solution absorbs shocks, increases comfort during play and player safety. All these characteristics are defined in detail & ensure with Dutch Interior’s Sports Flooring solutions.

We offer complete sports flooring solutions with sub-floor constructions as well as refurbishments of existing sports and activities flooring. Regardless of the sports floor being used by children, youth, joggers or elite sportspeople, it’s very important that the installed floor meets your requirements. To make the choice of a sports floor as effective as possible for the intended user group, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Comfort
    The sports floor has to be designed to suit the appropriate needs of the user in order to protect the body’s ligaments and joints.
  • Safety
    The sports floor must provide the correct amount of friction. This is important in order to assure fast and safe movement.
  • Life Expectancy
    A new sports floor is a big investment and should have a long life expectancy
  • Maintenance
    The sports floor has to be durable and easy to keep clean & maintain.

With over 20 years of experience in the sports flooring business and a tradition of continuous development, we offer our clients unique and bespoke sports flooring solutions and services when it comes to Sports Floors and Sports Halls.