Boarded Flooring

Boarded Flooring Solutions in Sri Lanka

Dutch Interior offers the best boarded flooring solutions in Sri Lanka. Now you can add a hardwood boarded flooring solution from Dutch Interior to your home or business for a unique look and unparalleled style. Our artisans have been designing and handcrafting wooden boarded flooring solutions for many years, creating the most beautiful boarded flooring products available in Sri Lanka.


Dutch Interior can also create a boarded floor that is unique to your space and application by customizing your order. Based on your choice you can select the thickness, color, type of wood and more!

Why Dutch Interior Boarded Flooring Solutions?

Dutch Interior’s Boarded Flooring Solutions are the artistic elements in the form of the path, which frame edges of the composition. Boarded flooring adds the completeness to the interior of the premises. Custom borders for your hardwood flooring can be used to define a specific area or renovate an otherwise commodity wood floor into one that’s upscale and top-of-the-line. A terrific way to dress up your hardwoods is to have borders, insets or inlays installed. Choosing to add a border to a certain room’s flooring will bring out the richness and appeal. They make your rooms more personable.

If you’re looking for a perfect way to add a finishing touch to your flooring, consider boarded flooring solution by Dutch Interior. We are able to create a custom boarded floor that best meets your personality. You can literally choose from hundreds of options. A border is beneficial to the floors because it adds depth. If your flooring seems to be normal looking and doesn’t offer any personality then spruce it up by having a boarded flooring design by Dutch Interior.

Borders can add continual symmetry to your custom flooring. We’ll add a new face to your floors so that you can have attractive rooms in the home. Borders harmonize to create a focal point and always enhance the actual beauty of the wood.

Contact our boarded flooring experts today to discuss how a wooden boarded flooring solution from Dutch Interior can elevate the style of your home or business!