Wooden Flooring

Wooden Flooring Solutions in Sri Lanka

Dutch Interior offers all types of wooden flooring solutions in Sri Lanka. We focus on providing the best products and services for your wooden flooring requirements by ensuring that your home is both safe and aesthetically beautiful. All our solid woods are sourced responsibly and treated systematically for that perfect finish.


Dutch Interior’s wooden and timber flooring solutions in Sri Lanka, comes in a selection of choices, from solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring, waterproof flooring and engineered hardwood, in various colours and designs. Our products and services combine design quality with functionality.

Why Dutch Interior Wooden Flooring Solutions?

Dutch Interior deploys the latest machinery and other heavy duty tools that are essential for wooden flooring operations in our every commercial & domestic project. Those tools are being handled by trained professionals, under the supervision of qualified site officers.

Dutch Interior offers you the most exquisite timber flooring which is best in terms of durability, restorability, look, low maintenance, and many more benefits. We create wooden floors with enduring beauty for every space in life.

Dutch Interior offers the best wood finished floor prices in Colombo, Sri Lanka. We are specialized for all types of timber flooring solutions in residencies as well as corporates. Dutch Interior offers the best quality timber flooring works at competitive rates and also provides all kinds of timber flooring work for indoors and outdoors.

The perk of properly installed wooden flooring is that would last for more than a hundred years with regular maintenance. Additionally, it has a huge design scheme in both home or office décor which adds warm ambience and architectural style and strength that is not available with other types of flooring options.

Available in a various array of species, from laminate flooring to hardwood flooring and designs in different patterns, styles and colours, Dutch Interior has an endless world of possibility to create your space and convey the element and message you got to say.